About Kaylee Helfrich

Kaylee Helfrich is a third year graduate student in Nutritional Biochemistry at UNC. She researches maternal nutrition and prenatal alcohol consumption in Dr. Susan Smith's lab. When not working, Kaylee enjoys reading, cooking, and dancing.

by Kaylee Helfrich July 15, 2019

A review of 592 studies finds that a single standard drink of alcohol per day increases the risk for health problems. Continue reading

by Kaylee Helfrich February 13, 2019

One of the goals of the Pipettepen blog is to train science communicators to share science with nonscientists. However, as both scientists and nonscientists know, this communication is not always as seamless as it could be. In the spirit of … Continue reading

by Kaylee Helfrich November 24, 2018

One of the most controversial aspects of biomedical research is the use of animals to benefit humans. Scientists use animals to test new treatments for human diseases and to understand human biology. Many groups have protested the use of animals … Continue reading

by Kaylee Helfrich January 29, 2018

No bread. No sugar. No rice, potatoes, corn, soy, milk, onions, garlic, chocolate, processed meats, or alcohol. Is this a starvation diet or a method of torture? Actually, this is a diet with a 70–86% success rate in relieving the … Continue reading

by Kaylee Helfrich August 7, 2017

You see them at restaurants, grocery stores, and parties. In your fridge, in your cupboard, and on TV. In city streets and in the trash. And most likely, you’ve never paid attention to them. Every bottle of alcohol you’ve seen … Continue reading

by Kaylee Helfrich April 4, 2017

A researcher is looking at preliminary data from the CARET study when he does a double-take.  He thinks: that can’t be right- people who supplemented with vitamin A have higher frequency of lung cancer and death than people not supplementing … Continue reading

by Kaylee Helfrich November 3, 2016

Do you want to learn about how the material of pants affects the sex life of rats?  Or about the different personalities of rocks? How about someone who invented prosthetic limbs to mimic the movement of goats? These are only … Continue reading