All disputes will be resolved by the Chief Editor, who will ultimately decide whether pieces are published.

Examples of Disputes

  • Author/Editor(s) dispute over quality, quantity, or content of edits: See the Editing Appeal Policy
  • Articles do not meet publishing standards: editors contact Chief Editor

If a dispute falls outside of the examples listed above, contact the Chief Editor and/or SWAC President and describe the dispute. They will try to mediate and/or resolve the issue. However, if the dispute lies outside the purview of SWAC, leadership will recommend that the dispute be handled by the appropriate UNC office or non-UNC entity.

Editing Appeal Policy

If an author believes that edits made by the assigned editor(s) are incorrect, superficial, inappropriate, or discriminatory in nature, the author may request an appeal. Additionally, if an editor feels that an author does not incorporate appropriate edits or if the article does not meet publishing standards, then the editor may request an appeal. To request an appeal, the party must submit an appeal request to the Chief Editor via email. The deadline to submit an appeal request is 2 days prior to the Article Post deadline.

Submitting an Appeal Request

The party requesting the appeal must provide the following information: Author name, editor(s) name(s), reason for appeal request and any supporting evidence, link to Google document, and title of article. The Chief Editor will decide if the appeal is granted or denied.