by Matt Niederhuber February 21, 2019

Bacteria are a big part of who we are as humans. They live all over us, forming distinct communities, or microbiomes, on our skin, in our hair, in our mouths, and in our guts. We host these microbes, and increasingly … Continue reading

by Matt Niederhuber November 30, 2017

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a version of the tax reform bill that, if made into law, could lead to a massive tax increase for many US graduate students. The cause of this would be the removal of … Continue reading

by Matt Niederhuber March 6, 2017

The March for Science has drawn widespread support from a community anxious about the state of science under the new Trump administration. But while many are strongly in favor of such a march, the event has spurred a debate among … Continue reading

by Matt Niederhuber November 15, 2016

Imagine a future where the plants in your garden not only grow delicious vegetables, but keep an eye on the soil and water conditions while they’re at it. Is the ground too acidic? Are there toxins present in the water? … Continue reading