About Breanna Turman

Breanna is a fourth year graduate student in the department of Microbiology and Immunology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her research is primarily focused on the virulence mechanisms employed by Chlamydia to cause disease in the female reproductive tract.

by Breanna Turman February 18, 2019

“Mom, I think I have a fever,” was the sure fire way to stay home from school as a young child.  One such instance, my mom put her hand to my forehead and told me to go get ready for … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman October 10, 2018

Imagine a world without pizza, nachos, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, macaroni and cheese; a world without cheese. Living in a world with thousands of cheeses from many countries and cultures, it is difficult to imagine there was a time in human … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman July 25, 2018

Dog is man’s best friend. Man is dog’s…predictor for allergies? A recent study showed dogs with owners that suffer from allergies are more likely to suffer from allergies themselves. Researchers also found that dogs that live in urban environments are … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman February 6, 2018

Vegetarian sharks. If you love a cheesy sci-fi movie as much as I do, the word shark probably brings a few images to mind; swimmers rushing to shore, a huge, hungry, Great white, ready to devour anything in its sights. … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman October 30, 2017

In anticipation of Halloween, October is a month full of spooky festivities including scary movies. Gathering a group of friends to watch a horror movie is a fun holiday activity, but finding a movie that appeals to a broad range … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman July 3, 2017

  Got the flu? Time to start looking for your frog prince. Researchers at Emory University have identified a substance that kills influenza, the virus that causes seasonal flu. The influenza-killing substance, called urumin, is produced on the skin of … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman January 30, 2017

Gray hair, wrinkles, balding, crow’s feet – some wear these hallmarks of aging as a proud badge of wisdom and a long adventurous life, while others spend the latter parts of their lives fighting the signs of aging. There are … Continue reading