About Rachel Haake

Rachel is the current Content Editor for The Pipettepen by UNC SWAC, and a second-year graduate student in the Behavioral Neuroscience doctoral program at UNC. Her research with the Carelli Lab focuses on how the brain processes both drug and non-drug reward following abstinence from cocaine. Outside of class and the lab, Rachel enjoys participating in science outreach, seeing live music, and reading.

by Rachel Haake March 22, 2016

As many young academics very well know, science can bum you out. Experiments fail, equipment breaks, and funding opportunities are few and far between. Even when experiments run smoothly, the process to publish our research can be painstakingly long. In … Continue reading

by Rachel Haake January 11, 2016

The coming of the New Year often brings about feelings of nostalgia as we reminisce about the previous calendar year. Looking back at 2015, we as humans have quite a bit to be proud of: the granting of women’s voting … Continue reading

by Rachel Haake November 30, 2015

During the winter season, our bodies endure a substantial amount of stress. As temperatures drop, our immune systems can suffer. But staying happy and healthy throughout the cold and flu season is easier than you think. Here are 5 food … Continue reading

by Rachel Haake November 10, 2015

Women are largely underrepresented in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  To tackle this problem, groups around the University of North Carolina’s campus, throughout the Research Triangle, and across the country have dedicated themselves to the advancement of women … Continue reading