About Rachel Cherney

Rachel is a graduate student in the Genetics and Molecular Biology Program at UNC. She studies lncRNAs and their interaction with Polycomb complexes in mediating gene expression, in the lab of Dr. Mauro Calabrese. When not sciencing, she enjoys traveling, eating, learning new languages, and playing with animals.

by Rachel Cherney October 23, 2018

Dyeing hair is a common, but not recent, beauty practice. Hair dyeing (coloring) has been around for thousands of years, using plant-based dyes such as indigo and turmeric before synthetic dyes were invented. I recently wondered “What kind of science goes into … Continue reading

by Rachel Cherney April 25, 2018

United States as a “Melting Pot” Indigenous peoples inhabited the land, that is now known as the US, many generations before Christopher Columbus arrived. These people were culturally and linguistically diverse and since the founding of the US in 1776, … Continue reading

by Rachel Cherney December 1, 2017

Tardigrades, also known as waterbears or moss piglets, are microscopic invertebrates that “resemble a cross between a caterpillar and a naked mole rat,” according to science writer, Jason Bittel. First discovered almost 250 years ago, there are now over 1,000 … Continue reading