About Josh Fuchs

Josh is a graduate student in Astrophysics at UNC- Chapel Hill. He studies white dwarf stars and cataclysmic variables to try to understand the ultimate fate of most stars. You can find him on Twitter @fuchsjt.

by Josh Fuchs December 1, 2016

Winter is officially still three weeks away, although the alternating 30° F nights and 75° F days makes that difficult to remember. The arrival of winter means that it is less pleasant to be outside, there are fewer hours of … Continue reading

by Josh Fuchs July 30, 2016

Recently, NASA’s JUNO spacecraft slowed down by 1,212 miles per hour in a carefully coordinated 35 minute maneuver. This slowdown is similar to you slamming on the brakes to stop your car on the highway in 2 seconds. Braking to … Continue reading

by Josh Fuchs March 15, 2016

I first heard of the band OK Go when they released their music video for ‘Here It Goes Again,’ which features the band members cruising back and forth over treadmills. I soon discovered that many of their other music videos … Continue reading