About Cortney Cavanaugh

Cortney Cavanaugh is a 5th year graduate student in the chemistry department at UNC where she works in the Nicewicz lab on methods development utilizing photoredox catalysis.

by Cortney Cavanaugh March 14, 2018

While the shock of an electric eel sounds like more of a medical nightmare than a fortunate asset, researchers at the University of Michigan were inspired to simulate the power of these slick creatures in hope of creating power sources … Continue reading

by Cortney Cavanaugh March 6, 2018

The science that plants rely on goes far beyond photosynthesis, the familiar process where plants use sunlight to help make food. In honor of spring’s pending arrival, it’s time to delve into three, unique cases where science influences the plants … Continue reading

by Cortney Cavanaugh July 27, 2017

All we know around us is constructed of atoms that are connected to form molecules. The types of atoms and their arrangement can change the function and characteristics of these molecules. In some cases, two molecules that are made of … Continue reading

by Cortney Cavanaugh January 26, 2017

What happens when scientists get their hands on the remains of a dinosaur encased in ancient amber? Fortunately, life doesn’t imitate art to the extent to which we should be concerned about the potential pitfalls associated with an amusement park … Continue reading