by Margaret Jones July 6, 2016

This summer, an afternoon spent flying kites at the beach will be just another day at work for some researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now that classes are out of session, Elsemarie deVries and Evan … Continue reading

by Margaret Jones March 22, 2016

As many young academics very well know, science can bum you out. Experiments fail, equipment breaks, and funding opportunities are few and far between. Even when experiments run smoothly, the process to publish our research can be painstakingly long. In … Continue reading

by Margaret Jones March 17, 2016

If you opt for a Guinness this St. Patrick’s Day, keep an eye on your pint as it settles (which, according to official Guinness standards should happen for exactly 119.5 seconds between the first pour and the top up). Fans of … Continue reading

by Margaret Jones October 14, 2015

A new project kicked off this July as researchers across four institutions joined forces with local start-up companies, consultants, and coastal utilities to explore how a process that occurs naturally every minute along North Carolina’s coast may be harnessed for … Continue reading