About Gabrielle Budziszewski

I am a third year graduate student working in the McGinty lab at UNC Chapel Hill working on epigenetic mechanisms at the nucleosome level using biochemistry and structural biology tools. I love science, horror stories, and cats!

by Gabrielle Budziszewski July 27, 2019

Gene-edited fungi have been used to fight against malaria by infecting mosquitoes. Continue reading

by Gabrielle Budziszewski March 4, 2019

In the digital age, our world revolves around data. Archives of data provide proof of our own existence, such as birth records and proof of the mundanity of everyday life, like that grocery list you wrote in your Notes app. … Continue reading

by Gabrielle Budziszewski October 22, 2018

Earwax stickiness. Neanderthal ancestry. Caffeine metabolism. Tasting soap when you eat cilantro. Direct-to-consumer genotyping companies like 23andme boast this kind of information in exchange for a tube of your finest spit and a chunk of change about equivalent to a … Continue reading

by Gabrielle Budziszewski July 29, 2018

Think for a minute about your grandkid’s grandkids. Where are they living? Perhaps you momentarily considered the possibility of your intrepid descendants dwelling in outer space. You’re not alone: since 1991, when the  Space Life Sciences 1 mission was launched … Continue reading

by Gabrielle Budziszewski December 7, 2017

Plastics are nearly unavoidable. From the plastic bottle of water you grab walking into a meeting to the money in your wallet, plastics are ubiquitous. However, evidence is accumulating that heavy plastic use takes a hefty toll on the environment, … Continue reading