About Chiungwei Huang

Chiung-Wei is a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at UNC. She studies nanomaterials using microscopic and spectroscopic methods in the Atkin Lab.

by Chiungwei Huang August 5, 2019

A new non-toxic blue pigment in two centuries has just been discovered. Now the team of chemists set out to find a safer red pigment. Continue reading

by Chiungwei Huang August 14, 2018

I did not know graduate depression was a thing almost a decade ago when I studied for my Master’s degree. I experienced a period of depression symptoms but I did not confide in or consult with anyone. I felt ashamed … Continue reading

by Chiungwei Huang October 25, 2017

I love online shopping. On the Internet I can ponder over one pair of shoes a thousand times without any store clerk getting impatient. For that my mom isn’t quite comfortable with. She warns me about hackers stealing my identity from … Continue reading

by Chiungwei Huang August 14, 2017

While soaking in the sunshine may feel good, and you may have heard about solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation harm, you may not be aware of what’s in your sunscreen. Lee Hong explored the benefits of sunscreen in his post on … Continue reading