About Yitong Li

I'm a Ph.D student in the department of Cell Biology and Physiology. My thesis project studies inflammation, particularly lung inflammation aka pneumonia. When I'm not working in lab, I like to cuddle up under my blankie and read about new technologies or catch up on some hot trap music or just any new songs.

by Yitong Li July 24, 2018

How memories are formed, stored, and modified has been one of the key topics in neuroscience studies. It’s fascinating to realize that not only can we enhance our memory through constant practice and exercise, but also alter or eliminate existing … Continue reading

by Yitong Li February 13, 2018

Cloned primates are here! Over three decades have passed since the birth of Dolly, the sheep, scientists have now tackled cloning mammals that are even closer to us on the evolutionary tree: macaque monkeys. What does this mean for a society … Continue reading

by Yitong Li March 31, 2017

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a developmental disease characterized by various problematic behaviors. Children diagnosed with autism demonstrate language impairments, restricted interests, repetitive behaviors, difficulties in engaging in social interactions, mood and sleep disturbances, and many other behavioral … Continue reading