About Connor Wander

Connor is a third year PhD candidate in UNC Pharmacology. Alongside writing for SWAC, Connor also hosts a science podcast: Straight from a Scientist (www.sfspodcast.com), through which he hopes to narrow the gap between scientists and the public in relaxed, but accurate scientific dialogue. As a co-mentored student between the Cohen and Song Labs at UNC, Connor studies GABAergic neural networks in Alzheimer’s Disease. His scientific interests include the interactions between the environment, genetics, and behavior in mood disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Outside of the lab, Connor enjoys hobbies such as graphic design, gaming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, paintball and caring for his bearded dragon and Madagascar Giant Day geckos. Connor also manages the Cohen lab website and a Giant day Gecko care blog.

by Connor Wander November 27, 2018

  Science literacy is the ability to read English words in a new language – the language of science.  You might measure science literacy by being conversant in various fields. Each sub-field in science has its own language.  For example, … Continue reading