About Cherise Glodowski

Cherise is a first year PhD student in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Program at UNC, and is passionate about women's hormonal health research and theatre arts. She received her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and a minor in Classics from University of California, Davis, while performing with Marin Dance Theatre as a classical ballet soloist. After college, she moved to the U.K. to pursue a master's degree in stem cell genetics at the University of Cambridge, U.K. and to dance on the Cambridge Latin and Ballroom Team. When she is not dancing or playing around in lab, Cherise loves spending time with her goofy and theatrical family, kickboxing and weight lifting, traveling the world, and co-writing plays and musical theatre librettos with her sisters.

by Cherise Glodowski December 15, 2017

Let’s start at the very beginning. When a mammalian egg is successfully fertilized by a single sperm, the result is a single cell called a zygote. A zygote has the potential to grow into a full-bodied organism. It is mind-boggling … Continue reading