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The Scientific Method as an Ongoing Process

The giant whiteboard outside our lab has a simple to do list:

  1. Plan the experiments to answer all the questions
  2. Be better

This list is a joke, of course, but I’m starting to appreciate some truths in the humor.

  • Doing good science requires planning and preparation: What aspects of a question does an experiment address? What are the controls and conclusions? Why might a reviewer disagree?
  • Good science thrives on mentorship and teamwork. As a first year, my experience and understanding are limited, but with some guidance and advice I have already made some interesting findings.  I’ve seen more collaborations and conversations than I can count. Clearly, this is the fuel that keeps the turbines of science turning. 

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    The Scientific Method in common words and 6 steps
  • Good science requires troubleshooting, over and over again, and then some more, until you’re sure of your results  — and they move the field forward.

I’m learning, even at this early stage of my career, that the pursuit of science is more than checking off the entries on a to do list. It’s an iterative process, a team sport, and a lifelong pursuit to answer questions better.

Peer edited by Nuvan Rathnayaka

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