The 2017-2018 SWAC executive board would like to give a big thank you to our 2016-2017 board members who retired their positions this year! The last academic year was a huge success and we could not have done it without you.

These board members worked hard behind the scenes to enhance The Pipettepen and ensure the blog is an awesome source of training for our members and information for our readers. We wish them well in their future ventures.

2016-2017 Executive Board Members


Deirdre Sackett: VP/Chief Editor
Deirdre Sackett

Deirdre Sackett: VP/Chief Editor

In her role as VP/Chief Editor, Deirdre ensured that all posts were publication ready and kept the blog up-to-date. She consistently coordinated with both writers and editors to edit and publish all articles.

Rachel Haake: Content Coordinator
Rachel Haake

Rachel Haake: Content Editor

As Content Editor, Rachel worked closely with the writers of The Pipettepen. She maintained an excellent blogging rotation and was an extremely value resource for authors in need of inspiration.




Zan Isgett: Editorial Coordinator
Zan Isgett

Zan Isgett: Editorial Coordinator

As Editorial Coordinator, Zan worked closely with The Pipettepen editors to assign appropriate editors to each piece. Even during her thesis defense, Zan worked hard with the blog editors.




We’d also like to take this time to introduce our new 2017-2018 board members:

profile pic
Erika Van Goethem
Richard Hodge
Photo Cropped
Sarah Vick








Erika Van Goethem: VP/Chief Editor (Treasurer 2016-2017)

As Treasurer, Erika did an amazing job of handling finances and budgeting for SWAC events. She also applied for and was awarded SWAC’s first outside funding source.

Richard Hodge: Editorial Coordinator

Sarah Vick: Content Editor

We wish everyone luck in their new ventures and positions!


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