by Dominika Trzilova on December 12, 2018

You have probably never met anyone suffering from sleeping sickness, a potentially fatal condition. This is because the disease, also called African Trypanosomiasis, is only present in certain regions of sub-Saharan Africa. While the number of human cases has dropped … Continue reading

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by Kasey Skinner on December 9, 2018

Any scientist knows the importance of a good negative control. A negative control in an experiment is a group of samples or subjects in which no response is expected to an experimental treatment. The experimental group can then be compared … Continue reading

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by Eva Vitucci on December 3, 2018

As of Friday November 16, 2018, California was home to the three most polluted cities in the world. These three cities – San Francisco, Stockton, and Sacramento – topped the world’s chart of polluted cities as a result of the … Continue reading

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by Gabrielle Budziszewski October 22, 2018

Earwax stickiness. Neanderthal ancestry. Caffeine metabolism. Tasting soap when you eat cilantro. Direct-to-consumer genotyping companies like 23andme boast this kind of information in exchange for a tube of your finest spit and a chunk of change about equivalent to a … Continue reading

by David Abraham October 20, 2018

It’s time to wash your hands and help prevent the spread of flu, but when you put your hands under the automatic sink, nothing happens.  You give your hands a shake, praying the sink actually turns on.  You get frustrated, … Continue reading

by Breanna Turman October 10, 2018

Imagine a world without pizza, nachos, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, macaroni and cheese; a world without cheese. Living in a world with thousands of cheeses from many countries and cultures, it is difficult to imagine there was a time in human … Continue reading

by Laetitia Meyrueix

Science is not just for scientists. There are ways for everyone to be involved and contribute, and citizen science is opening the door. Citizen science is defined by the involvement of the public in scientific research – through either community-driven … Continue reading

by Kathleen Furtado October 9, 2018

Hurricane Florence was devastating to much of the Carolinas. The flooding that ensued destroyed not only homes and livelihoods, but greatly affected animal agriculture. The effects of Florence resulted in the deaths of millions of animals and caused massive overflows … Continue reading

by Kathryn Weatherford August 28, 2018

The elderly woman exhaled loudly as she pushed up from sitting at the kitchen table. She’d heard a knocking from the front porch and wondered if her son had forgotten something earlier. She walked to the kitchen door and looked … Continue reading

by GirlsTalkMath August 25, 2018

Girls Talk Math is a non-traditional math camp in that students not only learn challenging Mathematics usually not encountered until college, but also research the life of female mathematicians who have worked on related topics. Campers share what they learned … Continue reading

by Nicholas Martinez August 14, 2018

CRISPR-Cas9, more commonly referred to as CRISPR, has been one of the hottest terms in science over the last few years. For goodness sake, Jennifer Lopez is the executive producer of the prospective NBC bio-terror drama CRISPR, which is centered … Continue reading

by Chiungwei Huang

I did not know graduate depression was a thing almost a decade ago when I studied for my Master’s degree. I experienced a period of depression symptoms but I did not confide in or consult with anyone. I felt ashamed … Continue reading

by Robert Ventura August 12, 2018

                  As Charles Darwin was the first to document, the behavior, physical features and sexual activities of species. These observations can frequently be understood through the lens of thousands or even millions … Continue reading