by Lindsay Walton August 3, 2017

My labmate was having a problem one morning – a fuzzy, gluttonous problem. To help keep her indoor cat entertained during her time at work, she thought it was a great idea to set up a bird feeder. Being so … Continue reading

by Lindsay Walton March 28, 2017

I’ve found that it is rather difficult to write an article when you are lying in the fetal position and afraid to move. No, I wasn’t trying to hide from a T-rex. I was having a migraine attack, and what … Continue reading

by Lindsay Walton August 11, 2016

The words of your elementary school teachers may echo in your ears whenever you hear something related to the War on Drugs. “Drug free is the way to be,” and, “Just say no to drugs,” they said. Those teachers may … Continue reading

by Lindsay Walton April 5, 2016

As a huge Minnesota Twins fan, I was sad to hear that former catcher and current first baseman Joe Mauer is still reporting concussion-related vision problems. These symptoms stem from three years ago, when multiple concussions led to his full-time … Continue reading

by Lindsay Walton February 24, 2016

Scientists thrive on “aha” moments— breakthroughs in knowledge that come from careful planning or perhaps fortuitous luck. For a team of researchers led by Josh Lawrimore, a fourth-year graduate student in Kerry Bloom’s lab at UNC, their “aha” moment came … Continue reading

by Lindsay Walton October 14, 2015

A new project kicked off this July as researchers across four institutions joined forces with local start-up companies, consultants, and coastal utilities to explore how a process that occurs naturally every minute along North Carolina’s coast may be harnessed for … Continue reading

by Lindsay Walton July 6, 2015

As a young adult living in Carolina, I have come to associate summer with intolerable heat, delicious watermelon, and…the start of wedding season. Two friends of mine got married recently in May. A few months before, as they were making … Continue reading