About Deirdre Sackett

Deirdre Sackett is a 4th year graduate student in the Behavioral Neuroscience department at UNC. She researches dopamine dynamics during decision making behavior in the Carelli lab. Outside the lab, Deirdre is actively involved in science communication and outreach. She is the current Vice President and Chief Editor of SWAC.

by Deirdre Sackett November 16, 2017

Drug addiction is notoriously difficult to treat. Limited treatment options are available for those suffering from addiction, including behavioral therapy, rehabilitation programs, and medication. However, current drug addiction medications are only approved to treat opioid, tobacco, or alcohol abuse, leaving … Continue reading

by Deirdre Sackett November 28, 2016

Measuring Chemical Chatter If a brain could talk, what would it say? Probably nothing profound or understandable. Rather, it would emit a bustling clamor of messages between neurons. These messages are delivered by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Different groups of neurotransmitters … Continue reading

by Deirdre Sackett March 30, 2016

Drug use is a fairly common, oftentimes problematic issue among humans. However, Homo sapiens isn’t the only species that likes to experiment with mind-altering substances. In the animal world, many species use questionable substances to get a little buzz. 1. … Continue reading

by Deirdre Sackett March 1, 2016

Following the Super Bowl, millions of football fans suddenly exhibit mood swings and odd behaviors. Symptoms include flipping aimlessly through TV channels on Sunday afternoons or a sudden obsession with watching over-the-top touchdown celebrations. What could possibly be causing this … Continue reading

by Deirdre Sackett January 14, 2016

If you’re like most graduate students, you’ve probably thought to yourself at one time or another, “I really hope I’m doing this whole grad school thing right.” Let it be known that you are not alone with these thoughts. If … Continue reading

by Deirdre Sackett September 15, 2015

It sounds like medicine from a futuristic, sci-fi hospital: nanoparticles that deliver drug therapies and cells that can fight cancer or promote organ regeneration. However, by combining engineering and pharmaceutical research, UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University are helping … Continue reading