About Laurel Kartchner

Laurel Kartchner is a fifth year graduate student in Microbiology and Immunology at UNC Chapel Hill. Her research focuses on burn injury and how a large burn injury affects the immune system for an extended timeline. When not in the lab, Laurel enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, knitting, crocheting, rock climbing, and playing with her adorable son.

by Laurel Kartchner November 7, 2017

Graduate schools generally utilize previous transcripts, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, personal statements from applicants, and letters of recommendation in order to assess whether candidates are suitably prepared for success in graduate school. However, how much do any of these … Continue reading

by Laurel Kartchner December 7, 2016

Beverly Crusher. Roy Hinkley. Emmett Brown. Samantha Carter. Sheldon Cooper. The Doctor. Abby Sciuto. Temperance Brennan. What do each of these scientists have in common? From creating a Geiger counter out of bamboo, to discovering, identifying, and curing a disease … Continue reading