About David Abraham

David is an analytical chemistry graduate student in the Allbritton laboratory. He is studying single cell capillary electrophoresis, with the goal of learning more about cancer growth and treatment.

by David Abraham April 15, 2019

When feeling under the weather, we commonly end up sitting in a doctor’s office chair. Blood and saliva samples are whisked away to a room filled with instruments, some as big as a washing machine. In this room technicians run … Continue reading

by David Abraham October 20, 2018

It’s time to wash your hands and help prevent the spread of flu, but when you put your hands under the automatic sink, nothing happens.  You give your hands a shake, praying the sink actually turns on.  You get frustrated, … Continue reading

by David Abraham February 8, 2018

With each flu season comes a bombardment of new advertisements reminding people to get a flu vaccine. The vaccine is free to most and widely available, yet almost half of the United States chooses to forgo the vaccine. When Ebola … Continue reading

by David Abraham March 1, 2017

    I want to present a situation I occasionally find myself in: while visiting a city and looking for dinner, I try my best to find an outstanding place to eat. To help make this decision, I usually turn … Continue reading